Friday, May 10, 2013

California Photos!

A couple weeks ago Mom, Alison, and I got the opportunity to take a trip out to California for a week! We hadn't been there since we moved to MN, so it was such a nice trip! I love that ocean and those palm trees. :) I finally got around to putting a bunch of photos into collages to post.

We had a great flight out there, and I really enjoyed the view of the Rocky Mountains! It's so neat to see the earth from way up in the sky. :)

We got to go to the beach quite a few times while there. Crystal Cove has always been one of my favorites, because of the tide pools. It's so fun to touch and see it all, without it being in an aquarium! You just have to be careful when getting close to photograph it, because a wave might come up right behind you and get you soaked. Don't ask how I know that. :)

We also got to go to the Getty Art Musuem. That place was amazing! Besides all the beautiful old art, the architecture of the building is art in itself! The place took about 13 years to plan and build, and you can really see that it was thought out thoroughly.

Of course we had to go to In-N-Out, not having been there in two years! Ah, I miss that place. I still like it better than Culvers. (shhh... don't tell certain people!)

We also ate at a really good Thai restaurant -- I was a bit nervous about that, but it all tasted great. Maybe that's because we didn't order any exotic foods like fish heads. lol. And we also got to go to a Baskin Robbins! yum! I think the real reason we stopped there was so my grandpa could pick up a new quart for the freezer -- we ate his all up while there. :)

One evening we were able to have dinner on the beach with some of my grandparents' friends. Other than being extremely windy, it was a blast. :) We had a really fun game of Boche Ball -- don't play that very often, so it's always a treat. Ah, I love the beach....

One evening we got to attend Felix Mendelssohn's choir concert, "Elijah." That was sooo cool! It was all scripture, sort of like the Messiah, but it was about the life of Elijah. All the singers did such a good job -- it's really fun to watch them, because some of them get really expressive while singing! :) We sort of held a quick photoshoot before watching the concert -- we had arrived early, it was such a beautiful evening, and I had a camera.... :)

Then on the last night we got to go on a walk down by the beach. It's always so beautiful down there at sunset!

Grammy and Grampy, thank you so much for the wonderful time we had! You truly spoiled us while we were there, and it was just so much fun! I can't wait to do it again someday!


Amber said...

Another great set of photos and another great show of your photography talent! The one with all the tables really caught my eye!

Thank you also for the sweet comment on my blog last week!

And lastly, Mom mentioned to me your comment on her latest post. I did use a pattern which if you want to copy would fine! The pattern got me the right sized pieces and then I shortened them. So you could make it whatever length you want!

PlainJane said...

Wonderful photos Amy! I love how you artistically captured the museum! Did you get any pictures of Ray Comfort? And what's with the one photo? It looks like a Bible burning. What a fun time!!