Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope that any mothers that may read this post had a wonderful mother's day! I saw this post over at Click It Up A Notch, and decided we needed to get a picture of us four girls with mom. I set up the tripod, got out the remote, and arranged everyone on Mom's bed.
It took a few tries to get a good one, one of the problems being that we were side-lit, so it was easy to slip into someone else's shadow, but we finally got one I was happy with. I'm glad we went to the bother to take this photo -- maybe we should make it a yearly tradition. :) I love you Mom!


Sally said...

Yes, a great yearly tradition. All you girls will have to come home for Mothers' Day when you are married. :)

de Buren Photography said...

I'm happy that you got everyone together for a photo on mothers day! I do hope that you can make this a yearly tradition in your family.