Thursday, May 16, 2013

Picnic Time!

Yesterday Emily came to me and asked if I'd go on a picnic with her. The spring weather was too good to pass up, so we mixed up some tuna salad, through some crackers and apples in a basket, grabbed a blanket and headed outside! Okay, so maybe I did also grab the tripod and remote so we could photograph the picnic... :)
Emily was more than willing to be the remote operator since the signal wasn't going through at the right angle from where I was sitting. :) 

I learned the hard way that a red blanket will reflect horrible red color casts up into people's faces, so I switched to B&W to hide that. :)

Then after we ate we repacked the basket, folded up the blanket, and played some frisbee! We've got to get some practice in for family camp in a couple weeks. :) We're still not very good, but much better than we were last year. It's a lot funner to play when you can actually catch the frisbee, which of course is a lot harder to do when trying to take photos at the same time. Good thing I have a zoom lens. :)


Amber said...

Looks like fun Amy! After volleyball that's what I should get better at, frisbee!
See you in a few...

Sally said...

This sisterly picnic warmed my heart. :) I love you girls!